Showtime Wrestling is a professional wrestling company that produces professional wrestling shows with talent from many wrestling organizations and from its private Showtime Wrestling School. Current Showtime Wrestling President and CEO, Hall of Fame Wrestler Tony (Tom) Ricca, former professional wrestler for WWE, NWA, WCW, WOW, AKW, PWF and many other wrestling organizations including title holders for many of them. PWRanked #1. Tae Kwon Do NJ State and World Champ and included for Team USA's Olympic Team for demonstrations at the 1992 Olympic Games of the fighting sport before joining the wrestling world. Tony has also trained for the UFC during their startup. His promotion AKW Arena Kaged Wrestled (herein AKW), has been in the top tier of wrestling in the early 2000’s for it’s arena that surrounded the fans inside of the cage that was made for the crowd to experience the wrestling atmosphere that no other organization had done. Tony has brought to Showtime Wrestling some of the AKW elements, including The Movement, a group that removes talent voted out from the online crowd. It’s also bringing in the AKW Championship Belt as well as the Showtime Wrestling Championship, TV Champion and Tag Team Championship Belts. Showtime Wrestling is also featuring Women's Championship Wrestling. The Showtime Wrestling Brand is connecting with top companies globally. Bringing in wrestlers turned from mega actors to gymnastic world champions that can high fly like no other. Look for Showtime Wrestling on TV or find out what area they will be at. Contact Showtime Wrestling with any questions.


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